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A new AmigaSYS is coming in 2022!

Call to arms - New AmigaSYS ?

As things are starting to settle, i believe that the AmigaSYS could become itself again, and the development of a new version should start. We have a more than 10 years long development process, including some inactive periods, caused by real life problems:

The new AmigaSYS (v5) was completely lost in a HDD failure. It was a huge loss of work for me, more then a hundred of new features and ideas were gone. Of course i tried to recover the datas, but only some early fixes could be saved :( 90% of the data is lost. 

I did not lose heart, i was thinking about a new start in some weeks, but another problem rised. More work for less money, in other worlds the economic crisis. Who was affected, knows what i am talking about. Meanwhile the cost of living became higher, i had to work more in real life, so less time remained to the project. Unfortunately these two things made the development of the new AmigaSYS version impossible.............................

The development has begun in 2003 with the Windows version, and moved on to 10 platforms, done completely alone since 2007/8. I had supporters and helpers from time to time, and i am very thankful to them. But can we agree that handlig all of this alone is much for one man. Ten versions from nothing, zero. A totally free project supporting ten platforms. Why would anyone do this? I don't think, anyone would commence such a thing. But this is AmigaSYS! :-) Everything for the Amiga! This project was always made with enthusiasm for you, the Amiga community. In exchange, I've received plenty of praises, also numerous attacks, round ons, irrational stupidity. But i always played clean, and i will, honestly, without bending the truth...

Full redesign

AmigaSYS was always free, and it will be. While reading these lines, remember that we are talking about a software pack which is useful for every Amiga user. It was always made for you. But now you can help to build up a new version! Unfortunately i am not as young as back then, and do not have so much spare time. This project is a huge effort and lot of pressure to one man, and besides this, the cost of living is not free. And i can not provide enough effort to the project after work. At the same time it is bad to see that such a great development can not progress because of the lack of time. The only solution would be to have supporters. This way i could spend the needed time to this project, so the development could go on smoothly with visible results. Unfortunately I can not see other way, and that's why I need your help! It's too bad to see, that this project is stopped.

How can I help?

Let us, Amiga lovers create the best multiplatform Amiga system together!

What do you mean?

As I wrote earlier, the project needs supporters. ANYONE can be a supporter, who helps the development of the AmigaSYS. It is your help, which builds the new version of the system.But do not think about gigantic donations. Every donation could worth a new useful feature/idea/fix, which contributes to the birth of the next version of the AmigaSYS. And it is all because of your help! I will publish these changes on the official site, with comparisons to the previous version, some before-after screenshots/videos, and when the development reaches that stage, official beta versions will be available for download. Each supporter will have his/her name written on the webpage of the supported feature!!! (eg: 68020 more compatibility, supported by: ZKevin). 

+ Certainly the supporters will be thanked in the integrated credits list of the AmigaSYS, and also on the official website. And in addition every supporter will be thanked by a special AmigaSYS relic (soon....)

What is the goal?

The goal is to develop a brand new AmigaSYS version. Not just some upgrade, a bunch of updates, but to implement plenty of new features/ideas/fixs. The plan is not to just tune the current version, but to create a whole new AmigaSYS with new packages. It is going to be a completely rearranged, better, faster, smarter preconfigured Amiga system! There will be changes, but main priorities are the true Amiga and the Windows version. I am planning to include some news and leave out some old ones. Details later.

Sound good, but... what happens, if there is not enough support?

If the backing vanishes at some point, and there is no sign of interest, the current state will be released with the completed features at time. Nothing goes to waste.

What is the gurantee?

The AmigaSYS itself! If you followed the development, you know that each version brings grand amount of improvements. It sounds astonishing, but these are the results of thousands of busy nights :) For those, who do not know the previous versions, here are some highlights:

  • more than 10 years in the development each version brings countless features. It is worthy to take a glance at the readme files.
  • Plenty of features which are still unique today, such as Dual OS support, 10 platform support, real Amiga, Windows, Linux, XBOX , Live CD or USB key version, language localizations, skins, themes, custom intros/outros
  • Lots of official full version games as extensions, such as Xtreme racing, Lure of the Temptress, Beneath a Steel Sky and after some years of emailing - Onescapee. These can be downloaded for the AmigaSYS completely FREE on every amiga platform!
  • Amiga Forever cooperations
  • And last but not least AmigaSYS is the best preconfigured Amiga system since 2004, and only in 40MB

I think I already made it too long, and the point is that let's do it together! But I need YOU for this. We are creating a thing you can be proud of. And you can make you favourite machine even more lovable! :)

Finally I am just asking you to please make this message reach every Amiga user, site, portals. Let everyone know that the AmigaSYS is for you, the Amiga fans! And let's carry on with what we started, a fully unique multiplatform Amiga system, in which you can have your share. Download, try it, and if you like it and you can, support the development of the next version. Let us, Amiga fans make the best multiplatform Amiga system, together!

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Buying Amiga Forever
Cooperation between AmigaSYS and Amiga Forever, one of the new features in versions is the optional AmigaSYS system addon. Amiga Forever Player's interface is very easy to use, everyone can setup AmigaSYS in seconds. The installation requires an internet connection).

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